where is the best place to buy an hvac transformer
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Thread: where is the best place to buy an hvac transformer

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    where is the best place to buy an hvac transformer

    so yeah i know there are some hvac guys here
    the 240 to 24v transformer went out in my unit and i am having a terrible time locating one.

    it is a basler electric be332640gek

    help help help

    this is in the apt that i am renovating so it is not a life or death right now thing.
    but it is i need this with in the week or so type issue.


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    24v transformer

    R any 24v transformer with a 240 volt primary and the right VA rating should work. I know this is a stupid question but there is a fuse on the circuit board that protects that transformer did you check it. Also there is a switch on most of the new FAU units so that if the door is off to the fan unit it kills the power to the board. (safety switch)
    Any A/C supply house can find you a transformer that will work.
    Graingers, Johnston, CED, Graybar should be able to cross referance that # as well.

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    there is oddly no inline fuse.
    the unit is only 1-2 years old.

    i tested the transformer itself. it has power going in to it but none coming out

    i was no sure if any would work or if i needed to do something excatly like this one.

    for your help guys

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    Give me the brand name of the unit.
    A OEM replacement transformer would be nice to find as it will fit and attach exactly the same.
    Tthe fuse should be on the card (circuit board) not in the wiring. Sometime the primary and secondary are fused. But if your checking the actuall output of the Transformer and you have power going in and nothing coming out then you have a bad transformer just like you figured out.

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    Don't forget to try a search on ebay, use " hvac transformer" as the search term.

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    thanks guys. i ordered one from grainger yesterday.

    figured they would be the fastest and easiest to deal with.


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    use a doorbell transformer. it works from personal experience. it was a cold night and I needed it in a hurry.

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    most doorbell transformers are 120 ... but i guess i could. hmmm.

    i will keep that in mind if it goes bad again.


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