Historic Arms, Len Savage, still open?
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Thread: Historic Arms, Len Savage, still open?

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    Historic Arms, Len Savage, still open?

    Does anyone know if Len Savage, Historic Arms still in bussiness? I have something ordered from him and I've emailed, phoned, written letters, and no response. Maybe he's been sick or out of town, I know he's been in bussiness for a long time but I'm surprised that he has not gotten in touch with me.

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    I haven't heard anything from him for sometime, I think he kind of went low profile after being out in front of so many BATF abuses, maybe he got tired of being kicked around and not getting much if any support for his efforts. JMTCW

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    Thanks for the info. My FFL called and said my Bren just came in from Len so disreguard this message.

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    I suspect you will find it worth the wait.
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    What is he (historic arms)charging to build a bren ?

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    I emailed you on his ordering and price info.

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    Thnaks Luke !

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