*NEW* Multi-Caliber A6 Shooting Adapter (Pics)
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Thread: *NEW* Multi-Caliber A6 Shooting Adapter (Pics)

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    *NEW* Multi-Caliber A6 Shooting Adapter (Pics)

    Now available is a custom multi-caliber A6 Shooting Adapter.This adapter utilizes a modifed .30 cal ammo can to hold your ammo and to collect your spent links.Its a simple and very effective design that allows the shooter to have a compact yet versatile shooting system.Never again worry about your spent links falling onto the ground and getting dirty this adapter keeps them clean and ready to re-link at the range.
    This is adapter simply pins right onto your 1919 with the supplied hardware and only takes less than a minute to install.This gives you a very affordable clean shooting system for your A6 ground set-up.This adapter accepts all calibers and is very easy to use.

    *Modified .30cal ammo for dual purpose use
    *Mig & tig welded throughout (welds sanded for a smooth finish)
    *Fully enclosed link chute
    *Belt assist (keeps your belts feeding properly)
    *Quick pins (allows you to take your can off without removing the whole system)
    *Support handle (allows you to transfer weight off your shoulder, makes a huge difference)
    *Comes in Black or OD paint scheme
    *Has built in brass deflector (keeps brass ejecting out the side and helps protect from case blowouts, deflect debris aways from the shooter)
    *Comes with all hardware and pins right onto your 1919 (no modifications neccessary)
    *Comes with modified ammo can (has divider built to keep ammo & links seperate)

    Price for complete adapter is $200 shipped

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    Heres a few more pics...

    50/50 split right down the middle.

    A6 Adapter

    Let me know if you guys have any questions!
    **Also can be ordered directly from shopping cart**

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    Cool Set up. I need to get the bi pod first.

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    that looks sweet!!!

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    keep one on the back burner for me bub, soon as i settle up this 1400 bone dentist bill we'll settle up one over a brew
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    Very Nice! Very well thought out and useful.

    http://beltfedplus.com is a supplier of manuals including FMs, TMs and Ordnance Field Serivce BSD books. Manufacturer of custom Link Loading Adapter Plates for the M7 .50 cal. and the M4 20mm Link Loaders as well as replacement parts for the 1919a4 (M4) and 1917a1 (M3) .22 caliber conversions of these Browning machine guns.
    P.O. Box 1725
    Blairsville, GA 30514-1725


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    A customer just special ordered one with a custom 2' inch shorter box since he's always shooting up towards hills so heres the start of it.Doesnt it look cute now?

    I call this can "Mini GI" now...

    Chopped 2' inches out of it then rewelded the bottom back on.Good as new...

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    very nice!

    may have to get one of these babies! be nice for a mini man portable set up. would need to get rid of the rod/handle part behind the rectangle where the empty carts drop. maybe put a lip on that rectangle so a brass catcher bag could be attached as well. let me get a few $$$ together and i'll pm ya!

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    Yea the pics shown above was one of the first pics I took of the prototype.Since then the grip handle has a rubber grip that slides over it and is alot shorter(stubby grip).Also it detaches from the adapter if you want to shoot with it off.I can tell you the grip makes a huge difference especially when your shooting in the prone position.It helps take alot of the wieght off your shoulder.Will get a pic in a few...

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    Heres a few pics.
    The detachable stubby grip comes standard on all production models.Also if you guys are not concerned with link catching I can make the link chute to where it ejects the links out to the side of the can so you get a full can of ammo.Just something to think about.

    In the raw before paint

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