wtk value of Natec 223 ammo
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Thread: wtk value of Natec 223 ammo

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    wtk value of Natec 223 ammo

    i have a couple thousand rounds and either 500-1000 of the tracer too.

    i am down to one 223 rifle so i don't need and am trying to fund another project

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    I'm not sure, is it brass cased and boxer primed, 55 grain stuff?

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    natec had a polymer case with a brass base. i know that i read that someone reloaded it with success but that was on some random reloading forum a couple years ago.


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    If this is better than wolf I may buy some of this off of you if you decide to sell some. Need to know what your price is first tho.

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    DO NOT use Natec polymer case in HKs with fluted chambers, you will have one HELL of a mess.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by blackrifles View Post
    DO NOT use Natec polymer case in HKs with fluted chambers, you will have one HELL of a mess.
    Sounds like you've played that game before. I assume the cases get cut and impaled on the flutes and won't extract. Or, even worse, the cases rupture and take the gun along with it. Is that correct?

    Rory, How well did this stuff work in an AR. I would be interested in some if it shoots well.
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    Cases melt into the flutes, despite SAR's article on this, some locals found out the hard way, had to use Carrosafe (sp?) and lots of scrubbing. I'm not aware of any KBs, but who knows?

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    Cerrosafe, and the guns didn't run more than a couple rounds before MAJOR extraction problems... do NOT use in HK's. Works fine in AR's, AK's, AC556's etc.
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    I would rate the value at just above Bubba's handloads at the gun show. I would not rate it the same as milsurp due the the short lived nature of the company. I've heard good things about it and seen it shot in an m16 w/o trouble.

    IIRC, SAR indicated they got a lower rate of fire and velocity with it. If that were true I would suggest you probably wouldn't notice it f/a without a timer. The guy I saw shooting it was rocking & rolling... Had no complaints about it.

    Nobody to go after for any trouble with it though.

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