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    Recoilless Rifle

    Is anyone out there shooting a 57 or 75MM recoilless rifle? I know there are some subcal devices out there, but I was wondering about live fire with a dummy projo. How hard is it to reload those monsters? Is it possible to case or turn on a lathe a projo?

    What is a fair price for a transferable 57 or 75MM recoilless. I saw one for $17K for a 75MM but that was a C&R gun. Are there others out there that are rewatts, new builds, etc?

    Thank you for any information or leads. I am starting to do some research on getting an artillery piece. At first I was thinking a 37MM anti tank gun, but now thinking about a recoilless. Any other suggestions on a small artillery piece would be appreciated. Want something that I can actually shoot occasionally (needs to be small enought it can be towed or trailored, etc.


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    look in old artillery posts ON 57MM AND 75MM
    They are dangerous to shoot
    I go with the 37 anti tank gun

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    i'd go with the 37 based on the price of ammo and you can still get new projos for it.
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    If anyone here knows RR's, I'd bet money on Ontos.
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    DeGroat Tactical Armaments have a M20 75mm RR that they shoot.

    They also had a pretty cool video of them shooting it.

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    that mini-gun is badass----although one well placed shot will kill something just as dead

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