57mm Recoilless Rifle darwings needed
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Thread: 57mm Recoilless Rifle darwings needed

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    57mm Recoilless Rifle darwings needed

    Does anyone have blueprints of the 57mm Recoilless or know where to get good drawings? I am trying to make a dummy one for my jeep/WW2 events, but can't seem to get any good references!


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    Never run across any Blue prints.................

    Blue prints will be tough to find.

    If you were near me in Utah I would let you measure mine.


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    There are two sections that are giving me trouble, what is the outside diameter of the chamber area and how long is it? I would love to go over your rifle, but NM is a drive to Utah!

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    Talking Well ....

    the ring where the locking lugs go-------5-1/4 dia X 1-1/32 long.
    the chamber area----------------------4-1/2 dia X 9-1/2 to taper
    the taper area---------------down to 2-15/16 dia over 7/8 distance
    then there is a 2-15/16 "nut" with two flats on it. Could be part of the bbl. It is 3/16 inch wide. The bbl proper is 2-11/16 dia.

    HTH Chris

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