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    Allied Armament

    I think I recall that some members have had some difficulties with Allied Armament. I would like to report that I have just had an entirely satisfactory transaction with them. I just bought some rivet sets and a bunch of triggers, sears, and safety bars off GB. When I won the bid, I spoke with a very nice lady named Shauna who took care of me very efficiently and courteously. That was Monday. I got my order out of the post office this morning. Folks that is QUICK. NOTHING gets to or from South Texas quick. I was impressed, and wanted to share a positive experience with the group.

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    You are one lucky guy. . .!

    I wish I had enough time and space to tell you my woe's! If I told the story, there's probably not a one of you out there who would believe it.

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    They were banned from this board. You must be the only person in the USA that has gotten satisfactory service from them.

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    Shauna & Allied Arm

    I've purchased a few small items over the last two months. There were some errors made by shipping department with two of the items. Two emails to Shauna resulted in quick email replies with apologies and replacement parts arriving three days later. As long as Shauna is handling problems quickly and fairly I'll continue to purchase from them.
    I'll patiently re-size and trim brass, re-prime, charge w powder, and seat bullets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillip View Post
    They were banned from this board. You must be the only person in the USA that has gotten satisfactory service from them.
    Not just this one but almost EVERY major gun board on the net. I must say companys can change so maybe this is a start?
    Looking for scans of "1919Aircraft Flexible Mounts", pics sketches or anything regaurding mounts and attachments. Thanks!

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    You are a lucky one. I also purchased some rivet sets from them. I thought for ten bucks I'd chance it. "When" they showed up they were fine but it took almost three weeks.

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    I've only bought 1 gun from them and that was about a year ago it ran great no problems of any sort. The shipping to get it was 2 months though because they hadn't built it yet. It was after that purchase that I heard of their reputation and stopped buying from them untill recently. I have been buying some small replacement parts for my 1919 and so far they have had great service for me. Average shipping time from their location in oregon to my place in alabama has been about 1 week. I will continue to buy from them as long as they keep up with good service.

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    Their problem is not with the product line but their shipping department is the spawn of satin himself!
    scratch the tigers tail when he backs up against the cage and you will get away with it for a while but pet him on the head.........
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    I bought one gun and tripod from them several years ago and while it did take a while to get the gun, I seem to recall about 6 months, it functioned fine when received and required no work at all right out of the box. Maybe I was lucky but I have no complaints with their quality. Delivery, well, it was nothing I absolutely had to have right away anyway.

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    I was gonna buy a shroud for one of the 1919's I am working on. They were snappy in the coms dept which was not how they used to be. Used to they wouldn't get back to you. I ended up getting a good used one from steve Anderson so did not get the one from AA. They were good to deal with when I was looking for the parts though.


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