Complete Parts Set: $419.00

We are offering these factory Colt M-16A1 parts sets that have been found overseas still sitting in the crates unissued. These rifles were brought back into the United States and had to have the lower receiver and barrel destroyed in order to be released for sale. We have a VERY limited amount of these sets in stock. ALL NFA/BATF RULES APPLY. These parts are not for sale in cities/states that do not allow the full-auto parts.

Standard features include:

- Colt factory grey anodized upper receiver assembly with A1 dust cover

- Colt factory M-16 bolt carrier group

- Colt full-auto fire control group and lower parts kit

- Colt factory A1 stock assembly

- Colt A1 wide hand guards

- A1 flash hider

- Colt A1 pistol grip

- Bayonet lug is present on factory front sight base

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