WTK 7.62x51 Cavim Ammo
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Thread: WTK 7.62x51 Cavim Ammo

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    WTK 7.62x51 Cavim Ammo

    Anyone with any experience with Cavim-Venezula 762x51, 1970's.

    Corrisive? Good for a 1919a4?

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    I've shot thousands of rounds of it. Excellent ammo, no problems what so ever. Boxer primed and reloadable. Don't think it is corrosive. FWIW

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    great ammo all around

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    I shot a lot of it quite a few years ago. It was good. the cases had a kinda rough texture to them, but it didn't seem to hurt anything. ..perhaps would have been a factor on multiple reloads, but I didn't reload, so don't know.

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    I never had any problem shooting it but I believe there was a lacquer type coating to the brass which caused the HK guys to shy away from it. If I remember right it also had a different type of smell to it when you were shooting it...or maybe that was just the guys I was shooting with.

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    Thank you for the replies!

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    the day i was lucky enough to shoot a minigun (thanks full go to heckinohio for this one) that was the only ammo the owner would shoot through it.


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    I've shot a bunch of it also, it has No lacquer coating on the brass, the reason the HK's don't run it, well is because the brass is really really soft and thick.. It tends to stick in the fluted chamber and tear the rims off the cases Problematic..in a HK.. yes but it will run fine is most other rifles. DSA doesn't recommend it either in their FAL's don't know why I've run it in FALs M14 and bolt guns.. It is very nice ammo all copper jacketed bullet with a lead core no steel in it.. and the cases are reloadable.. Non corrosive primer also.. B2B

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    booger hooker,

    I think you are thinking of the Indian stuff. It defenetly had a smell to it and some of the brass was out of spec.

    Another +1 for the CAVIM .308 Great ammo.

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    i shot a bunch out of my vector 91 clone and it was smooth as silk. no real issues at all.

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