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Thread: FS 1921 issue flip chart of 1917 Browning

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    FS 1921 issue flip chart of 1917 Browning

    Over a year in the making (it wasn't cheap) and just in time for Christmas, I am offering a scaled reproduction of the original full size (2' x 3'), full color 1917 Browning Instruction Chart printed in 1921 for the Ordnance Department. There are 13 "Plates" (pages) in this series.

    Plate 1 - Mechanism shown in backward position (see photo 2)
    Plate 2 - Mechanism shown in forward position
    Plate 3 - Relation of parts in backward position
    Plate 4 - Relation of parts in forward position (see photo 3)
    Plate 5 - Barrel extension, bolt and lock frame assemblies
    Plate 6 - Barrel extension, bolt and lock frame assemblies (different view)
    Plate 7 - Diagram of driving mechanism
    Plate 8 - Diagram of firing mechanism
    Plate 9 - Diagram of extracting and loading mechanism (see photo 4)
    Plate 10 - Assembled cover and shock absorbing mechanism
    Plate 11 - Diagram of belt feed mechanism
    Plate 12 - Rear sight, old and new models
    Plate 13 - Diagram of blank firing attachments

    They are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 heavy stock paper with a card stock cover and a comb binding. This will be a valuable addition to your reference library and a great Christmas present for your belt fed buddies.

    Price is 17.50 by 1st class mail

    These are at press now and will begin shipping on November 15th. Check or MO to:

    Alex Krueger
    24 FM 3351N
    Bergheim, TX 78004

    If you wish to use PayPal then add 4% to cover their fees. Be sure to spread the word and let everyone know. Thanks.

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    These will be ready to ship on the 15th.

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    Im In

    WOW! What a deal!!! I'm in. The samples look outstanding, and I've dealt with Alex before.........nothing but a gentleman and a straight shooter.

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    PP +4% sent yesterday.

    To the American Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine & Coastguardsman
    who served, manned their post, defended the line, took the hill
    and paid the price to preserve and protect the United States of America


    WWW.1919BMG.COM ™

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    Still available and at the same price.

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    Will get one.

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    .....Money sent for 3 Flip charts. DD

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    [i would like to get one if they are still available. I would like to pay with paypal.

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    OK. Paypal account is glassmountains AT hotmail DOT com...make it look like an email address and you got it

  10. I sent payment as a gift so there is no PayPal fee. Ship to David Huff 1632 highway 44 west shepherdsville ky 40165

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