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Thread: reloading for the M-1 carbine

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    reloading for the M-1 carbine

    I just picked up a nice Inland carbine, and was shocked at the price for ammo, but surprise how easy it is to find it,I actually found some at a Wal Mart in Las Vegas, I have a bunch of brass from a bulk brass buy a couple of years ago and sense I already load .45,9mm,30-06 and .308 I figured it would be worth the trouble to pick up the stuff to cast and load my own. Has anyone used any of the .32 bullets to reload the carbine, since carbine molds are a little harder to find, and can you use small pistol primers? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bob.

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    I'm guessing you could cast one round soft and slug your barrel with it then mic it to see the difference. If you shave off a bunch of lead pushing it through then it's too big. I know you can buy some simple 100grn 308 plinkers that will work and you can still find 30 carbine FMJ bullets around.

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    If you don't want to reload, I believe CMP still has Aguila carbine ball ammo for .40 a round, not too bad. They also have Winchester ball for .45 a round. Both are boxer primed and reloadable or sell the brass for about .20 on GB and end up paying .20 a round for your ammo. Really hard to reload for that unless you go to the bother of casting.
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    M-1 carbine

    I worked at a tire shop for 10 years, every week I would take home some old wheel weights, I have a couple hundred pounds just for casting, I shoot a lot of .45 so I started casting my own, I find it fun and relaxing, not to mention much cheaper, and my reloads are just as accurate as any store bought ammo. The cheapest reloadable Carbine ammo I have found is widners, $17.45 for a box of 50 of Sellier and Belliot, Wal Mart even has it for $24.99 a box!

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    Small rifle primers are made out of thicker stock than pistol primers. Using pistol primers would increase your chance of a pierced primer considerably over small rifle. All manuals recommend small rifle.

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    I grabbed a mold and a sizer from Brownell's . It was/is totally worth it. Yes, carbine ammo is too darn steep for what it is!! I use small rifle primers and gas checks for mine. Nice full power loads to have the nifty fireball.
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    I’ve tried reloading cast lead in the .30 carbine, but even with gas checks I rapidly leaded up the gas piston. Speer 100 gr .308 Plinkers work great and expand real quick. I recommend carbide dies, but you will still have to lube the cases. Watch your case length as carbine cases tend to grow. I’ve had great results with IMR-4227 powder.

    Always use the primers that the cases are made for (small rifle for .30 carbine). For example the FN 5.7mm uses small rifle primers and the .50 Beowulf uses large pistol primers. Besides being thicker, rifle primers are longer. If you put pistol primers in a rifle size primer pocket they may sit so deep that the firing pin won’t set them off (and they might not withstand the pressure). Put a rifle primer in a pistol pocket and you can get a slam fire.

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    It's large pistol primers that are shorter than large rifle , Small rifle and small pistol are the same length . Just saying

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    Use small rifle primers. I used small pistol primers by mistake years ago, and the carbine shot a foot or two low at 100 yards. This was using IMR4227 or H110 powder, I forget which. Lately I have been able to get Remington FMJ or RNSP bullets cheap at Cabela's and use those. I use the WW296 load listed in this article on the CMP site

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    Thanks for the link, I'll print off that article for future reference, this gun shoots incredibly well, I was able to hit a 6 inch plate almost every time at 50 yards while kneeling, I've heard horror stories about the carbine so I was very happy!

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