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Thread: M10 tool roll contents...

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    M10 tool roll contents...

    There have been good pic's posted on the M12 and M13 tool rolls and their contents. And frankly....I cannot tell the difference between them. However,no one has posted...that I can find after 45 min of searching...the contents of an M10 tool roll. Someone got a full one to show us....? And was there a difference between the tools carried for the 1917 water-cooled and the later WW2 1919 tools/parts....? I have not noticed anything different except the cork and plug for the water jacket. Trying to complete a replica display for my local Military Honor Park. Any help with pic's and such are appreciated.....

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    Saw comments posted on another thread that the M10 tool roll was for the .50 BMG. But it is clearly shown in the pic's of the 1917 Spare Parts box in an earlier thread. Is this a discrepency...? Who has the definitive word on this...?

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    Len, My 1941 and 1943 SNL A5 (M1917A1) and my 1941 SNL A6 (M1919A4) list the tool rolls M12 and M13 only. There are some differences between the spares for each gun but minor. I will try to scan the documents for the info for you but it will probably be towards Friday before I can get it to you.

    Also I had the M10 roll in some pics on a previous thread so it was probably me that confused you. My job is done now that you are confused, LOL. Will get that info for you later this week.

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    Bill Ricca says the M10 tool roll is for the M2 .50. M14 spare parts roll is for the M2 as well.

    M12 tool and m13 spare parts roll are for the .30's.

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    OK,Chris....I stand corrected. Picked up an M10 roll anyway,as I would also like to get a set of tools together for my M2HB's. If you could post a pic of the M10 contents,I'd appreciate it....

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