WTB: Quality Made HK MP5 Flat
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Thread: WTB: Quality Made HK MP5 Flat

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    WTB: Quality Made HK MP5 Flat

    Looking for a good quality made HK MP5 flat. I hear that the LSC flats are superb. Let me know if you happen to have an extra one that you care to part with, along with any other MP5 parts.

    Best to send me an email for faster reply.

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    check here http://www.robertrtg.com/mp5.html 2nd down LSC flats and weld pack

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    The LSC Flats are amazing. We have done several semi and auto builds with them (we are an 07/02) and they come together nicely. We first used the ORF flats from RTG... Not a good idea. The magwells were out of spec, and no way you could get a mag to go in. Took the gun apart, swapped to an LSC, and have been using those ever since. HKParts also sells the LSC flats with weld kit

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