CNN Horse Pucks Last Night
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    CNN Horse Pucks Last Night

    The Business Manager was watching a CNN production on "gun violence control" last night and I got to watch the last ten or twelve minutes of it only by chance -- don't know why she didn't let me know, but maybe she only tuned in late too. I wonder whether anyone else here saw it too, it was quite slanted against the Second Amendment, didn't say anything against the First Amendment though, I don't think, at least not that I saw/heard.

    They interviewed at least three "NRA members" at the Nation's Gun Show here in Chantilly, Virginia, (a show that runs about four times a year, has "over 1,000 tables and 1-1/2 miles of aisles") and quoted these supposed NRA members as saying such things as "I think it's reasonable to limit magazine capacity," "I don't think anyone needs an M16 to protect their home" and "nobody should need a semi-automatic firearm to hunt with." Their also quoted the "STATISTIC" that "as many as 40% of firearms are bought and sold through private sales, without background checks," (whereas BATF statistics say it's about 8%). They also mentioned that "our Forefathers had no idea the types of firearms which would be available to modern people when the Second was written," and also did not mention our Founding Fathers had no ideas regarding our availability of TV and the internet when the First was written. They re-quoted the "STATISTIC" that "90% of gunowners are in favor of gun control," -- only surpassed by the "Statistic" that 93% of the population likes ice cream"!!!

    They also showed the Norinco 120 RD AR15 drums... and 'how dangerous they are to our children' -- YEAH, ANYONE MIGHT GET A HERNIA TRYING TO USE ONE!!!

    I'm kinda sorry I didn't see the rest of the show, except that even ten or twelve minutes of high blood and anger over this horrible MNM (MainStreamNews media) slant probably was too. Not that we shouldn't expect it, after seeing how Trayvon Martin was slanted in the MNM to be "JUST A GOOD MAMA'S BOY"! Look at WATERMELON-GATE if you want to see what a good boy Trayvon was:

    There really should be a petition against this off-standard freedom of speech reporting by CNN!
    Not to leave out the rest of the MNM, including FOX, but it needs to be started somewhere. Our First Amendment is being abused, and the general public is being duped!

    Carry On!
    -- "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" -- Patrick Henry. (Shakespeare was right!)

    -- The Law IS the law -- Unless You ARE The Law.

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    same old make believe song and dance CNN is good for.
    I love how they always quote folks from the NRA too.

    and their fake statistics, CNN can suck it.

    anyone that watches that channel should get into the business of catching paver bricks with their foreheads.

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    CNN = Commie News Network says it all.
    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But the U S Armed Forces don't have that problem."... Ronald Reagan

    When in doubt, empty the magazine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medalguy View Post
    CNN = Commie News Network says it all.
    Crappy Nincompoop Network
    Midsouth Movie Armory LLC
    Specializing in HK and Browning Platforms
    Movies and TV shows

    "A man has not seen the end of war until he has experienced DEATH" - [plato]..

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    Sad part is, I actually know a couple guys (NRA members) that really do feel that way. If they're shotty or bolt action ain't in danger, EFF the rest.
    Ignorant fools, or A$$HOLES.
    Either way the results are the same. We all get screwed. They really need to pull their heads out.
    Creating problems to solutions for over fifty years.

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