Now what the heck did I find??
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Thread: Now what the heck did I find??

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    Now what the heck did I find??

    Have a friend with a boatload of Garands collected by his father over the last 50 years. He wants to make a trade for one of my 1919a4's with all the accessories. To get me interested he brought out an original IH and a Springfield National Match. He also had a Springfield in 100% condition. The bolt face looks unfired. The interesting part is the way it is packaged. There is a fair coat of cosmoline on all the metal parts. There is a twisted piece of brown paper through the entire bore. And, there is what looks like a tinfoil cup over the buttplate and up over the butt of the stock about two inches. He professed not to know why it is in that condition. My best guess was an old CMP gun, or even one sold by/thru the NRA back in the day.

    Have any of you seen such a thing or know what the packaging is all about? Sorry I can't give you more info on the gun itself. I forgot to write down the barrel date and serial number. (Duh.)

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    The cosmolened rifle along with the tube down the barrel and foil cup on either end as well as sealed in a foil backed bag is one way they were packed for storage. Got one and have seen several that came that way from the DCM (Pre CMP). If there is any paperwork/receipts showing it came from them it will add several hundred dollars to the value.

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    I'd like to hear more about this (privately) if your friend has any intention or thought of letting one of these go. I'm not actually a 'collector' but I do have several of these firearms, and they do sound interesting.

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    Over the years the Army experimented with many forms of long term preservation. What they were trying to get to was dry preservation making the object ready to use when unwrapped. Some parts were preserved several times in different packaging.

    One method was the use of VCI paper (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors) the paper was treated with a chemical that gave off vapors that prevented rust. That's the paper wick in the bore.

    The M1 I got in 1987 was shrinkwrapped to a heavy cardboard sheet with wooden block at each end that were cut out for the butt and muzzle the whole works was in a heavy cardboard box and it was shipped to me by registered mail delivered by my rural mail carrier. While I saved all the paperwork, I didn't save the shipping box

    Maybe Armorer will jump in here as he has real world experience with the Army's preservation methods
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    I've only seen the paper wick thingy . I bought a few ZB-37 barrels from Numrich many years back and they came that way.

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    Assuming your 1919A4 is of the standard variety, and there are say more than 6 Garands, it would be wise to take the deal.

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    Thanks guys. I was leaning toward an old DCM gun pulled from Army storage and issued without cleaning, too.

    Gary, I will be back down in Arizona late this month to make the trade. I'll give him your email addy then and let you know when I do.

    Glass, I'll check on the paperwork angle.

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