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Thread: WTS: U.S. M-18A1 57mm Recoilless Rifle (Title 1 Demilled with 308 subcaliber)

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    WTS: U.S. M-18A1 57mm Recoilless Rifle (Title 1 Demilled with 308 subcaliber)

    WTS: U.S. M-18A1 57mm Recoilless Rifle

    Started out life as a demilled pile of scrap, restored to it's former glory; as a Sub-Caliber shooter. Currently set up to fire .308, but come with a .30-06 barrel as well. Is mounted on 1917A1 tripod, but also has a bi-pod. Comes with a canvas cover, 1950ties US military manual, and a canvas cover. The optics are clear and it shoots accurately.

    Price is $8, 750 plus shipping.


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    Any interest in trades plus cash. I have a fn38, FN30, or a 1917 I would trade plus or minus cash

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    Bump to the top

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    How effin' cool is that!!!!
    Now where can I get a parts kit?
    Bump, CaptMax
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    Still have the M18 / 57MM Recoilless for sale? Please PM me

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    suitable for live fire? or just subcal

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    M18 57mm Recoiless Rifle

    Have both types available.

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