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For sale is my 1928 Colt Watercooled semi MG. (not Argentine but Colt) in 30/06

This was built by John McGuire. The finish was very nice on the kit. I had the RSP (OOW RSP) blued to match. John did not blast and park. After the build the finish marks were touched up to match the rest of the gun. While its not a perfect, brand spanking new blued job, it is very nice. I felt the original finish was too nice to blast and park or re-blue. I also left the tag on the water jacket. I wish it was more legible.

Included is a Colt M35 ( Argentine) (Tripod is sold)

Also the AA sight set, correct water can, NOS steam hose. I may even have a ammo box and a hose bag. If someone buys the complete package (canteen is not included it has already been sold)


Price for all items listed is $4000 (without the tripod) plus actual shipping. Must go to FFL from me (using my drivers license) Or FTF (I am in Louisiana)

If you need more pics or suggestions PM me.


wally is this sold if not I wil take it