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Thread: ""repo"" marlin digger box's finished

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    Randy I would happily pay out front for 2 Digger Boxes

    Quote Originally Posted by anna View Post
    YEP Anna hear,, glad you are satisfied ,, I was just going to contact you to see if it arrived,, Thanks
    Randy I would happily pay out front for 2 Digger Boxes, so you can start a list for an additional build effort. Let me know.


    Charlie Logan (PTRS 14.5)
    Arms & Ordnance

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    Ditto! I'd be in for one or two.

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    I'll start taking orders again,, we started making some for folks that already paid from last year,, Ill send info for payment and box finish style ,, If interested send P,M. to me,, Thanks

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    I'm in for two, but am too 'new' on this board to PM you. Email me at aasnip11@11gmail.com with payment information and I'll get it sent. Remove the numbers from my email address and I'll get it.


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