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    Came by these recently. They were swaged together as some kind of odd-ball flash hider when I got it. A couple of hits with a dowel and hammer, and they came apart easy, though. Any one have an ID for them? The smaller part looks like a recoil booster, maybe. Can't place the cone. It says "1 1/2X 1 Sch-40 W.P.B. 1935"

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    "1 1/2X 1 Sch-40 W.P.B. 1935"

    That's a carbon steel schedule 40 butt weld reducing fitting. We use them in gas or relatively low pressure conditions.

    Someone made a Do it yourself hider.

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    not cheap, about half way down the page,
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  6. Well I'll be darned! Thanks for the help there.

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