What color of Park?
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Thread: What color of Park?

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    What color of Park?

    I like Grey but I am building a Israeli kit and they appear to be black. So what color? I am not a purest but I have to re-park the gut when finished so if it supposed to be black then I will park it black.

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    Gun not gut.

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    The parking color is somewhat arbitrary, depending on what one likes -- gray, light gray, dark gray, black, or even green (controversial as to exactly how to achieve this, or how it came about originally). Then it becomes a matter of whose chemicals or park solution you use, and whether the type of oil, grease, or storage method might cause the green.

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    Look how long I have been on this site. I am not trying to up my post count. I do appreciate the info however. I have been on many sites for quite a while and seldom post and only use the sites for good info when I need it. I read through the sites for the info provided before asking another question that has been beat to death. Sorry for the double post didn't think about the edit option until after I had done it. I am not here to troll. There are many strings on here that I could point out the count bump however and I do not see anybody beating them down!

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    It has been my observation that the Israelis seemed to use a fairly dark color, sometimes a medium gray, but not so much the lighter, zinc based park. But I have seen USGI of every shade imaginable, so I think Gary's suggestion that you go with what you like is a good one.
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    Thanks Lucky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtracy111 View Post
    I am not a purest but I have to re-park the gut when finished so if it supposed to be black then I will park it black.
    my advice park it to the color that suits you, not what you believe it should be.

    it's been way over a decade, but I seem to recall my 1919 kit was black, but it wasn't parkerized black, it was painted that color

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    Light grey - zinc phosphate
    Medium grey- magnesium phosphate
    Dark grey- magnesium phosphate you've been using for a while.
    Black- parking pre-dip solution then magnesium phosphate.

    All look awesome. Just up to what color you like.

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    As the guys mentioned there really is no correct color because even early guns have been all over the board. Some may have been refinished over the course of their lifetime but I would go with what you have. You can achieve different colors like making it darker by just turning up the temp, that being said every maker during WWII had a slightly different shade and had different shades themselves because it was wartime and at the end of the day it was get them out the door ASAP. Just remember to post pictures when done so we can beat you up for picking the wrong shade
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    As has been said until beaten to death it can vary depending on a lot of factors. The first thing I ever parkerized back in the 70s was an M1 Garand receiver. It came out very dark almost black. Using the same bottle of zinc phosphate chemicals I have got various shades of gray. I have pretty much used all of the original stuff and now have some new solution I have not tried yet. If you are sure you want black use the Manganese Phosphate. The military shifted to that after WWII as it was tougher and that is one reason there is so much variation in gun parts color. As for green color I believe it has been stated that it is not caused by the parkerizing but accumulation of grease and oil. There may be varying opinions on that also.

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