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    Clue. This German designed 9mm pistol was a contender for replacing the Luger. Here is another photo of this handgun.

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    9mm Ultra ..................

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlugCatcher View Post
    9mm Ultra ..................
    Good guess, SlugCatcher, but this pistol is chambered for the more powerful 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, not the 9x18mm Ultra cartridge.

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    really close to a Walther AP

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    Clue. The trigger guard, in the picture, is similar to another pistol this company produced. What pistol would this be? Two employees of this company formed another company, after WWII, and produced a pistol using a similar trigger guard and a stamped steel slide that closely resembles the one in the picture. What pistol would this be, and what company did these two employees work for during WWII?

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    well. that figures it out H&K .

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlugCatcher View Post
    well. that figures it out H&K .
    You are correct, SlugCatcher, Heckler & Koch is the company, formed in 1949, by three ex-employees of the company that produced the trivia pistol. The new pistol H&K designed, when studied, will identify the company that manufactured the trivia pistol.

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    Answer to the trivia question. In 1949 three former firearms engineers, Edmund Heckler, Theodore Koch and Alex Seidel formed the West German firm of Heckler and Koch. H&K made tools. In 1955, when the West German ban on firearms production was lifted, H&K began making firearms. The first handgun H&K produced was the HK4.

    Studying the H&K HK4, one can easily see the HK4 traces it's roots back to the Mauser HSc.

    So, we now know Heckler, Koch and Seidel were engineers with Mauser-Werke. Studying the trivia pistol, one can see features shared by the trivia pistol and the Mauser HSc, and later incorporated into the H&K HK4. The trivia pistol is the Mauser HSv. The following article is from the August 1946 American Rifleman.

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    Handgun trivia. Between 1873 and 1891, the U.S. Government purchased 37,000 Colt Single Action revolvers. Of this total, 5,200 Colt Single Action revolvers were nickel plated. Why were these nickel plated Colt Single Action Army revolvers purchased by the U.S. Government?

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