Recoilless rifle Powder needed!!
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Thread: Recoilless rifle Powder needed!!

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    Recoilless rifle Powder needed!!

    Anyone know where I might be able to find powder for M-18 / 57MM recoilless rifle?

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    ....slower powder...?

    Only powders I can think of that may be of use for you are the W872 (#239) or AA8700 (#232). Slowest commercial powder I have on a burn-rate chart is the SP 13 Vactan (#246). Only one I've seen recently is 50BMG Hodgon (#244). I've loaded the W872 for the M103 Vulcan 20MM with the 1500 gr. blue tip practice round. 20MM is the largest cal I've not much help there.

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    Ask around on the board. I know there are a bunch of cannon and recoilless people on there.
    If you say it can't be done, I gotta try it

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    Thank you LEN & TROY!

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