How badly does the 1919A4 beat up brass?
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Thread: How badly does the 1919A4 beat up brass?

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    How badly does the 1919A4 beat up brass?

    Roughly how many reloads can you get out of the brass?

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    I'd say 4-5 but it depends a lot on what condition and the country of origin of the brass your re using.

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    Mine haven't been too bad on the brass.

    I set my limit on two reloads and then scrap it so I'm not plagued with case head separations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by George W View Post
    I'd say 4-5 but it depends a lot on what condition and the country of origin of the brass your re using.
    What he said^^^^^^^

    Primer pockets get too loose after a while.
    And you do get head separation after a while.

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    I use USGI 7.62 brass and generally start finding loose primer pockets after 2 reloads. I never try to go beyond 4 reloads. Never. Also never (yet) had a case separation. However I did have a case separation with one piece of LC brass that was new 2011 ammo, not a reload, so.....
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    Dunno, Ive never picked any of mine up.
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    In my semi shooting Cal. 30 with HXP or USGI brass original loading and 4 reloads then dummy ammo or the scrap heap. My semi gets displayed at VFW functions as a recruiting prop with kids getting their pictures taken and getting a fired case for a take home.
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    I loaded some 308s up and tried a few of them in the A-4. 3 case separations in a dozen rounds. Decided the A-4 didn't care for reloads... New Israeli barrel.
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    No intention to disparage anyone...but did you use a cartridge head space gauge...? I've found that Greek,LC and WW (Winchester) military brass (.308) usually last a couple re-loadings longer than most commercial brass. As with any firearm,you can tailor a load to preform better in a particular firearm. It takes a bit of effort and maybe several trips to the range but is well worth it. It has been expected with LC,Win and maybe some Fed military brass (made after 1995) that the .50 BMG cases have been made with a more brittle alloy and either split or have a head separation upon the 2nd. firing. This may also be why some .308 is not performing as well as cases made before 1995. Just my personal response...I do not load any mil-spec brass made after 1995.

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    Case head breakages were pretty common for me until I started using a case gauges to set my sizing dies. Longevity of brass is much greater and way less frustration on the range from proper sizing and less failures. Well worth the $.

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