Wtb m37 full extractor assembly
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Thread: Wtb m37 full extractor assembly

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    Wtb m37 full extractor assembly

    Does anyone have a Browning M37 Full Extractor Assembly for sale please??? If so, please email me dankorreck@hotmail.com Thanks!!!


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    Email sent
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    Payment sent

    Payment is in the mail today, thank you


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    M37 parts

    Extractor received, thank you sir!

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    Would anyone have another to sell? Thanks!

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    Looks like I am going to get more of these made. I can put more together from my parts stock from the last run, but I am working on another batch as there are 50 kits coming that need extractors. Can't help with an original, at this point, but the new ones are nice and pretty!
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    Thanks Rollin, I'll contact you about it. The parts you have made are of higher quality than the originals.

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