LAPEER PIT Spring Clean Up May 7
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Thread: LAPEER PIT Spring Clean Up May 7

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    LAPEER PIT Spring Clean Up May 7

    Lapeer Pit closed Sunday May 7 Clean up starting a 8:30 and will run till about 1pm

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    Not to sound like a jerk, this board covers a lot of ground. Some additional info might be useful for people if you were looking for help. So is this just an FYI? ,Where is it? Are you looking for help, etc.
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    Lapeer, MI. Don't believe I will be able to make it.
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    Pit clean up

    While I usually try to make it out to our range to help clean up,the drive would be a bit much. I do hope you get some people out to help though.

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    One of the few open ranges for full auto on state property out there in the east. I go to it couple times of year with my Michigan friends. Good luck with the clean up, can't make it cause I'm in NE Ohio. I'd like to send a few $ for food for the ones going if you have a PayPal Acct. Let me know.
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    Hope to make it there and litter it up with some brass in memory of my friend CLP.
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