Military vehicle guy new to 1919s
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Thread: Military vehicle guy new to 1919s

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    Military vehicle guy new to 1919s

    Hello All,

    I've never owned a 1919, but I've wanted to get one for years. They look like they'd be a blast to roll to the range with, not to mention make a great addition to any of my vehicles to display. I've got a Swiss vehicle (Pinzgauer 710M), but I also have a '51 M37 and a '55 M38a1 that I'm hoping to add pedestals to shortly (that will need some eye candy on top).

    I've thought about doing a kit for a long time, but just not confident enough in my ability to get it together right. Figure I'll try to find a good working on to start- maybe do a kit once I'm more familiar with them. You all definitely seem like you have the resources to help with that at any point.


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    Welcome to the site. Good luck and ask questions. J

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    Where are you located?

    If you want to build a kit, there's plenty of guys on the board that can help you out. Some of them might be close by, you could pack up your kit and head to their place or have them come to yours.

    I haven't seen any build parties in a long time, used to go over to Rollins build parties as it was always big. That and hanging out BS'ing with other gun people was always cool.

    If you just want to buy one, check the classified ad board here and you can find one. You can also find a kit for sale as they pop up all the time.

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    I have never seen a M37 with a mg mount, not even in the manuals.

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    ...ditto's to the above as to address. Many members here have built or helped build a varity of belt-fed weapons,so as stated,ask questions and tell us where you live. We pride ourselves on our abilities to help others with their projects...share the knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddyofurniture View Post
    I have never seen a M37 with a mg mount, not even in the manuals.
    They actually made a mount for a mg that mounts to the front of the bed of the truck. They used a very similar one during wwii on the 3/4 wc series trucks

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    Mac as you can tell we have many members here willing to help and we all love Browning's and MV's so tell us where you are because chances are good a member will be close by that can offer the help you need. Welcome to the board. Russ
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    A bit of a pricey mount when i was looking at them years ago....
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    I just piped you aboard! I would do it with my Bosun's pipe, however the wife hid it again.

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    Welcome aboard !

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