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Thread: found this great WW2 German photo for desk top

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    but that is a clip and does not show much of it I am in it in one place shooting My M60 and then near end having my M60 in position inspected by the CO. Its called the saga of the western man and I am a soldier filmed in 65 66 by ABC news I have a copy which like the u tube one is not to clear.

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    thanks so much

    Much appreciated I was fortunate to be in the same outfit for my whole enlistment I was the second guy in my barracks when we first started to form the company for the 11Th AAD in 63 The barracks had been empty since the Korean war It was in Harmony Church area of Ft Benning with Ranger School just down the road. I went back there in 70s and they were just mowing the grass and spray painting the barracks to be opened again since we left in summer of 65 for Vietnam. The 11th AAD was one of the only times I know of that a Div was manned by the men being hand picked All Officers and senior enlisted were drawn from all over to start the Div. I was one of 2 selected privates from Ft Dix having just graduated from a leadership course after basic. They also were the first to evolve all members in the company in the field having everyone down to the lowest rank in the squad knowing what the plan was so that you could take over at any time and we were always doing just that by them saying the leaders were kia and you take over. It was manditory 5 days and nights per week in field almost no garrison stuff . Best years of my life !!!

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    Sir- My hat is off to you. it is a rare opportunity to be able to say thank you to those who came before us, and I was in long enough ago to have men serve with me and for me that were RVN vets. Never a finer group of men. Just as good if not better than "the greatest generation", and my honor to be able to lead. Thanks.

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    Another lot full of surrendered material...


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    that looks like artillery position

    That looks like a artillery position of 88's that was captured and small arms from guys that were there great pic Going to start a new topic of captured stuff from Various places might spur some interest.

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    Another lot full of surrendered material...



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